Travel restrictions coming

.....and you can expect to see the global warming campaign" to have a big part to play in the implementation of them... (click the link to follow)
Radiohead have decided not to travel to the US for a promotional performance because of concerns over global warming: source

"The Oxford five-piece are due to appear on a special edition of NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien."

"Frontman Thom Yorke said the band avoided leaving a carbon footprint...."

There is always a reason why these things are publicized, and as in this case it is usually for the ongoing mass-indoctrination of the unsuspecting masses. This is a perfect example, one which most everybody would pay little or no attention to, but it is sending a huge signal to any who are willing to read between the lines, so to speak.
And just what exactly would that be?
This: Here can now be seen what could be called the 'climate change leverage tool'(*remember that phrase), which will be a multi-purpose tool, and one of it's uses apparently will be to remove your rights to 'move about as you please', and is only going to escalate as the global agenda continues to unfold...and...maybe sooner than later, used to force you into a radically altered lifestyle, i.e. micromanaged/controlled by the 'global masters'.

This little propaganda stunt in which the rock group Radiohead are being 'used', who most likely are unaware and sincere in their ideology, nevertheless should be seen as an omen of the times ahead.....watch and see

Have permission to travel? see: here (follow links, connect dots)

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