The Tribulation; by H.A. Ironside

"The day of the LORD cometh" Joel 2:1

The vast majority of professing Christians have little to no understanding of biblical prophecy and eschatology (last things), and/or have basically rejected outright the idea of anything like what the prophet Joel spoke of, i.e. "the day of the LORD cometh". The "day of the LORD", according to scripture is to be a time of judgment upon rebellious Jews and upon the Christ rejecting world, and this period of time is called in the Word of God "the tribulation". Is it past history, or still somewhere in the future? Where does the 'church' fit into the scenario? Does the bible teach that the 'church' is to be "raptured" (removed) prior to the tribulation? Christian, you need to know what God's Word says about these things, for it will determine how you view everything that is happening in today's rapidly changing world. On that note here is an excellent little study by a well known and highly regarded bible teacher from a few years past. It is recommended to take some time and carefully consider "what saith the scripture".

by H.A. Ironside (1876-1951)

Those who attack dispensational truth tell us that the Great Tribulation is in the past. They declare that the truth which we have been teaching people for years--that the Dispensation of Grace, now on the verge of closing, will be followed by the Great Tribulation--is all wrong. They say that it is just a fantastic notion that is unsupported by Scripture. Is the Tribulation in the past, or is it in the future? Let us turn to God's Word for the answer to this question......
.....Those who teach that the Tribulation was in the past are divided into several distinct schools. The Preterists maintain that the Great Tribulation took place at the time of the trouble which the Jewish people passed through when the Roman armies, under Titus, destroyed Jerusalem and wrought havoc throughout Palestine. The Great Tribulation, according to them, began in A.D. 70 and ended a very short time afterward. The Roman Catholic view which is ordinarily held refers to the two hundred or more years of persecution under pagan Rome, which ended with the church's triumph over the paganism of the empire.
The other view, commonly known as the historical interpretation, holds that the Great Tribulation referred to the period of trial during which those who protested against the Romish dogmas were persecuted.
Those who are called Futurists maintain that the Great Tribulation has never yet taken place and cannot begin as long as the Church of God (born-again believers) is in the world. It will not take place until we have been called to meet the Lord in the air. This is the view that I hold. read full
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