The beaker's starting to boil, froggies

Registered traveler goes international: source

"The Homeland Security Department today published notice it will begin testing an International Registered Traveler program at three airports starting June 10 to expedite airport clearances for prescreened travelers."

"The eventual goal is to coordinate with other international trusted traveler programs around the globe....."

"Under the program, travelers who are registered in the program may bypass passport control when returning to the United States. Instead, they may verify their identities at automated kiosks at the Federal Inspection Services area of each airport. The program will use fingerprint biometric technology for the verifications."

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International registration?
Most have heard the "frog in the beaker" analogy. You cannot put a frog in a beaker of hot water because he'll jump out immediately, so, what you do is put the frog into a beaker of cool water and then heat the water one degree at a time, and the frog, remaining unaware of the incremental changes, continues to adapt until it becomes...'frog soup'. Well the thermostat is being cranked up a couple more degrees here, and the so-called "Homeland Security Department" would now like you to register with them for 'travel privileges', and they would also like to fingerprint you. And, note also, it is to be coordinated with a global system...anybody got some ice water...it's getting a little warm in here
To connect the dots and read about the: "US Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA), details of which the US has not yet made public.".... go here

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