Local Hawaii news - tomato chips

Hawaii first state to track produce with microchips for food safety; radio tags to track food: source

"The Hawaii Department of Agriculture will rollout a three-year pilot project this month to track and trace tomatoes and other produce using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. The system uses microchips with paper-thin antennae stuck onto produce boxes that emit radio waves when scanned.

"While the technology is already being used by a few supermarkets and farms across the nation, Hawaii would be the first state to test RFID from farm to market...."

"Sandra Lee Kunimoto, chairwoman of the Hawaii Board of Agriculture, said the ability to determine where food comes from and where it has been distributed will become even more important as the food supply continues to be globalized."

"The state is partnering with Motorola Inc., Lowry Computer Products Inc. and GlobeRanger Inc."

"Joe White, a vice president in Motorola's RFID division in Maryland, said there was growing interest worldwide, especially from Europe and Asia, in tracking produce."
Building the global system through "partnering"

As this article states, the food supply is being "globalized". A global food supply network must be standardized and closely monitored, and evidently the time has now come to microchip the food.

When you see private industry, e.g. Motorola, Lowry, and GlobeRanger, "partnering" with government agencies, as in this case we see that these "are partnering" with the State of Hawaii, you should know that you are seeing the one world government/management system being implemented. This system is designed to merge governments, private industry, and non-profit organizations, including religious, into a massive interwoven network. This is to create what is sometimes referred to as a "system of systems". It should be noted that these partnerships, as here for example, are all part of a much larger plan, which is truly a global effort, and has nothing whatsoever to do with borders and nations, or elected representative governments, as is supposed to be the case in the US. All these are being bypassed, and whoever heads the 'partnership' is then the one in control of the different entities/agencies.

This system being built has everything to do with the transitioning of the separate nations of the world into a centrally managed global system aka Agenda 21. In essence, a giant corporation, and it will be tightly controlled. It should also be noted that the agenda is advancing rapidly in every sphere of society, but few are aware. see: globalism #1; realigning the nations

(RFID tracking of everything is part of the ultimate goal)

Hawaii....you are breaking new ground...and it's not what you think it is!

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