Out with the old, in with the new

update on televangelists and: Building Interreligion
Former ORU professor believes days of superstar televangelism over: source

"Tim Brooker, one of the professors at the center of a lawsuit involving Oral Roberts University, says it's no coincidence that many high-profile televangelists are facing investigations over possible financial irregularities."

"However, Dr. Brooker is under the impression that the timing is not coincidental. "I think God is doing a corrective work in the [body of Christ],

Brooker further states that he believes God is doing a new work in the "body" by "anointing" the "little people" who have remained faithful to God's Word all along -- and he says the days of the superstar televangelist are over."
Brooker is right on two points. First, that the days of "superstar evangelism" are over is absolutely correct, and secondly, that the "timing is not coincidental" is also absolutely correct. He is flat out wrong though in his "conclusion" that "God is doing a new work". The very simple truth is that the "superstar evangelist" has now become obsolete, not fitting into the picture for the designed 'interreligion global spirituality'. They will now be 'phased out'. Once again, these are late stage developments in the overall plan. Take note.

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