Preventative Police...really!

Jacqui Smith announces 300 new terror police: telegraph.uk
18/04/2008 (from Britain)
Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, today announced an extra 300 police officers to fight terrorism and radicalisation within communities.

"We need to prevent people from becoming terrorists and supporting terrorists in the first place," she said.

"That means challenging the sort of ideology that supports terrorism, it means working in our communities to make sure that those mainstream voices are stronger, it means identifying people who might be at risk of being drawn into terrorism and violent extremism."

"In a speech later today, the Home Secretary will say: "We need to dissuade that very small minority of people who wish to harm our communities from becoming or supporting terrorists.""
Special police, within the communities, to identify 'potential' terrorists....this is no longer the stuff of sci-fi novels, it is real life, today in 2008. It would be interesting to hear what the definition of a "terrorist" is, or a definition of who would be considered to be "at risk" of becoming one. Will they be shipped away into the re-education camps?

Isn't this just about the same thing as was just 'practiced' in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas (see post above). The 'beast' is risen....and your community is on the list too, you can be sure of it.
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