Collaborative networks

Rivers Running Dry
A water crisis is impending:

""The whole West is under the gun here." And while the threat may be less immediate in regions such as the Northeast, less water in one area can mean less food and more illness in another."

"Sachs advocates using a combination of these and other similar strategies...."

"But implementing any of these takes planning, organization and leadership. "Politicians don't want to bear the costs of adjustment," Sachs says. "So they ignore the problem and continue the same unsustainable practices."

"There is no single solution. Governments, industries and individuals will collaborate or suffer the consequences. However responsibility is divided, we can no longer take our most renewable resource for granted."
Here again is how the 'global management system' (aka Agenda 21) is being created: "Planning, organization and leadership" is required to create the necessary collaboration between governments, industries, and private individuals. This "planning and organization" brings all the parties to the table.

Very simply, 'identify a crisis', create collaboration between the different segments of society, voila...another 'interlinked system' ready to be placed into the bigger 'global system'. Those who are involved, for the most part, have no idea that this is what's really happening. Be informed...this will eventually impact every person everywhere...again, he who controls the water controls the planet.

compare with: un-news (global collaboration on so-called water crisis)
"For he maketh small the drops of water: they pour down rain according to the vapor thereof: Which the clouds do drop and distill upon man abundantly." (Job. 36:27-28)

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