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NYC & LA Begin Use Of Body Scanners:yahoo
Published on Friday, April 18, 2008.

NEW YORK - Airports in New York and Los Angeles have become the latest equipped with body scanners that allow security screeners to peer beneath a passenger's clothing to detect concealed weapons.

Modest travelers may have concerns about the images.

The black and white, three-dimensional scans aren't as vivid as a photograph, but they do reveal some of the more intimate curves of the human form, maybe with as much clarity as an impressionist sculpture by Auguste Rodin.

TSA officials say the system comes with privacy protections. Officers reviewing the images don't interact with passengers, or even see them. They sit in a separate area, look at the pictures on a monitor and push a button to either clear travelers or alert security about a suspicious item.

For now, the scans will also be voluntary. Flyers selected for a secondary screening after passing through the metal detectors will have the option of stepping into the wave scanner, rather than undergoing a physical pat-down.

"The TSA said the scanners, which cost as much as $120,000 apiece, are already in limited use at international airports in seven countries and at a handful of courthouses and jails in five states."

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For now....

"For now" it's voluntary...You still (for a little while longer perhaps) have the freedom to choose to voluntarily 'get naked' to expedite your security clearance. For now.....

the days are upon us....

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