Global 'crises' call for globalization?

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Global food crisis looms as Asia's rice bowl empties and world price soars:

"The unprecedented surge, which some analysts said is going to continue, posed a growing threat to regional governments worried about the prospect of hoarding and social unrest."

"The global turmoil is such that the US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, yesterday said the United States hopes to announce fresh steps to alleviate food shortages around the globe. "The rapid rise in global food prices is an urgent concern," she said."

"Rice could be even more volatile, since governments in many nations – including across Asia's "rice bowl" – consider rice a national security priority."

"We've had declining stocks, declining stocks-to-use ratios for the last 15 years," he said. "It all came together and slapped the world in the face."
"Unprecendented" "growing threats" of "global turmoil" and "social unrest" call for "fresh steps'.... it's an "urgent concern" and it's a "national security priority" because "it all came together"....(the perfect storm?)

Looks like a new global food distribution system is in order...see post below, or: microchipping food

The original tower of Babel was built one brick at a time. Brick by brick, the tower rose to the sky, just like now. Can you see this newly rising Tower of Babel from your house yet? (Gen. 11:1-9)

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Luke 21:34-36

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