Can you say "conditioning"?

update on: permission to fly

American Airlines cancels 1,000 more flights for inspections

"American Airlines canceled more than 1,000 flights today -- almost half of its schedule -- stranding an estimated 100,000 passengers at airports around the country as it grounded planes for another round of maintenance checks."

"It was the biggest schedule disruption yet for the nation's biggest airline, which canceled 460 flights Tuesday ....."
"American said it couldn't promise that the inspections would be completed today, raising the possibility that the flight disruptions could continue into Thursday and possibly beyond."
"As the cancellations rolled through American's schedule, customers received e-mails saying they had been re-booked on another flight, only to receive a subsequent e-mail saying that flight had been canceled too."
"The airline maintains that the cancellations are related only to compliance with federal airworthiness regulations and are not a safety issue."
Freedom of movement is another one of the "unsustainable" 'human' activities hidden in the globalist agenda. This is a reality, and is actually a large part of the "wrenching transformation", a term coined by globalist Al gore himself, called Agenda 21". "Human resources" i.e. worker bees for the new globalized world, are to be restricted to their 'hives'...or, what are being called 'sustainable communities'...believe it not. Researching the topic will prove this to be a true statement. Are these massive flight cancellations conditioning exercises?
Hear it now, believe it later.....
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Major airlines OK 'for now': yahoo
"A slowing economy and high fuel prices appear to have killed off tiny ATA Airlines, Aloha Airlines, and Champion Air. A big pile of cash will keep the big airlines from that same fate, for now."

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