New order of the airlines?

update on: flight cancellations and airlines

American Airlines grounds 933 more flights:latimes
Midway Airlines
, meanwhile, cancels 14 of its departures to inspect MD-80 wiring

"Travelers faced another round of airport turmoil today as American Airlines scrubbed 933 more flights...."

"American, the world's biggest airline, has canceled about 2,500 flights since Tuesday, disrupting travel plans for more than 150,000 people and creating chaotic conditions at some of the nation's busiest airports."

"Tomorrow will be much better than today, and Saturday will be much better than tomorrow and Sunday will hopefully be a normal day," American spokesman Tim Wagner said, although he noted that "it is a fluid situation."
Dot connecting 101
re: "creating chaotic conditions"

Ordo ab chao is Latin for "order out of chaos". It is a simple concept really. When circumstances just so happen to occur which result in creating "chaotic" situations, the way is then suddenly opened to provide some "solutions". New solutions that is, or, as in this case apparently, an opportunity to bring about a new "order" from out of that "chaos.

The article above is describing "chaos", and the article below seems to be calling for a "new order":

FAA Crackdown Overdue, Inspector General Says: wsj

The Transportation Department's inspector general said the Federal Aviation Administration's recent crackdown is long overdue and called for "immediate and comprehensive" changes to improve airline safety.

Three days into an extraordinary bout of flight cancellations stemming from a special safety review of the nation's airlines, inspector general Calvin Scovel told a Senate subcommittee that the FAA continues to give airlines too much freedom on complying with safety regulations.

"Sen. Jay Rockefeller, the subcommittee's chairman, said...." "The FAA is an agency that's spiraling downward and approaching the losing of the confidence of the American people and Congress,"
Connected the dots yet?

1. "immediate and comprehensive" changes..are needed... (see: "urgent")
2. because the private airline companies have "too much freedom"
3. the FAA is spiraling downward
4. The American people and congress are losing confidence

All these things could lead one to believe that a government takeover of the private airline industry may be the only possible solution. The new order. ordo ab chao?

stay tuned.....

follow the links, also compare with "financial overhaul": cui-bono

"Thus he said, The fourth beast.....shall devour the whole earth.." Daniel 7:23

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