You Are Being Warned

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Joint Chiefs Chairman Says U.S. Preparing Military Options Against Iran: source
April 25, 2008;

"The nation's top military officer said today that the Pentagon is planning for "potential military courses of action" against Iran, criticizing what he called the Tehran government's "increasingly lethal and malign influence" in Iraq"

"Still, Mullen made clear that he prefers a diplomatic solution to the tensions with Iran and does not foresee any imminent military action. "I have no expectations that we're going to get into a conflict with Iran in the immediate future," he said."

"Mullen's statements and others by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates recently signal a new rhetorical onslaught by the Bush administration against Iran.."
"Pentagon is planning..."
Are they preparing military options, or preparing the people? We in this country, the 'homeland', are now being heavily propagandized as preparation for the next phase of the mandatory-global-integration plan. While stating that no military action is "imminent", the door has now been swung wide open for "potential military courses of action." The one-world global agenda is about to forge ahead, and it will undoubtedly be felt in many different spheres....including a possible reinstating of the military draft as there is now a bill concerning this still active in congress (H.R.393 ), it could be used to possibly effect the upcoming presidential elections....(martial law anybody? see NSPD 51; and Northcom). Throw in a 'food shortage' or 'financial collapse' etc., and it's anybody's guess....The bottom line is that the 'world-uniters' are not playing and the time is drawing ever shorter...(click the global-integration link above for important info to see this clearly). Be informed...the impact will be felt.

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