'christian' rockers gone ecumenical

re: Pope's six-day visit, April 15-20
see below on Pope's visit; or mixed-message
Catholic Church Gets Hip for Pope's Youth Rally: source

"Hip, young and fun are usually not words that come immediately to mind when describing the Catholic Church. But this is the mood the world's second largest religious institution is looking to create for the Pope's stop at a Youth Rally in New York next Saturday."

"Most recently, Christian rock artist TobyMac was added to the musical line-up which includes Christian rock band Third Day and New York pop/classical trio "Three Graces.""

"It will be TobyMac's third papal performance."

"“It's an honor to participate in this Papal visit. Not too many artists are given this opportunity. We have great respect for the work he does," the Dove Award-winning artist commented."

"Tai Anderson of Third Day said he expects the papal performance to be one of the "cornerstone moments" of the band's career, according to The Associated Press."

"Chris Wangro, the rally's producer, said the Christian rock band was selected to perform not only because they're recognized as a leader in Christian music but also "an important influence for today’s youth.""

"The Pope ........is slated to hold an open-air mass in Washington, D.C., before heading out to New York on April 18 where he will address the United Nations."

Popular so-called 'christian' rockers playing for the pope and ignorantly helping build the planned global interreligious future, 'inter-merging' the Christian faith and blurring the lines. These bands are the leaders in the so-called 'christian' music industry... not only selling cd's to your kids, but 'leading' them (astray)...not to mention many undiscerning 'adults' blindly following along as well. "come out of her my people..."

"And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch." Matt. 15:24


Anonymous said...

oh cmon. david played a harp naked.
get over it.

tom m. said...

see now, if you guys who are always saying "whatsamatta yu" really knew the scriptures, than you might better understand the need to stay scriptural.

see here.. David was not naked at all:

2Samuel 6:14 And David danced before the LORD with all his might; and David was girded with a linen ephod.

(Study to shew thyself approved...2 Tim. 2:15)