Martial Law Dry Run

source: Three States Subjected To “Martial Law Sweeps”
Friday, April 18, 2008

"Federal law enforcement agencies co-opted sheriffs offices as well state and local police forces in three states last weekend for a vast round up operation that one sheriff’s deputy has described as "martial law training"."

"Law-enforcement agencies in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas took part in what was described by local media as "an anti-crime and anti-terrorism initiative" involving officers from more than 50 federal, state and local agencies."

"Given the military style name "Operation Sudden Impact", the initiative saw officers from six counties rounding up fugitives, conducting traffic checkpoints, climbing on boats on the Mississippi River and doing other "crime-abatement" programs all under the label of "anti-terrorism"."

"The authorities even raided businesses and store owners, confiscating computers and paperwork in an effort to "track down possible terrorists before something big happens"."

"The operation, which involved police, deputies, the FBI, drug agents, gang units and even the coast guard, is just one example of how law enforcement at the state and local levels is being co-opted and centralized by the Department of Homeland Security via massive federal grants."

important, compare with: beast never sleeps (national law enforcement integration)
and: Northcom (they're ready, are you?)
When the actual official transition from 'nation states' to global 'regional governments' occurs, as will unquestionably happen (see serious warning; it's only a question of 'when'), it will very likely be rather 'messy' in the beginning. This is well understood by the planners. They are even now working out the kinks and greasing the joints. Still don't believe it....welcome to the homeland, comrade!
The 'beast' is rising....

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