EU and UN "joining forces"

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Vienna (Austria)
25 April 2008

“The United Nations and the European Union: Joining Forces for the Challenges of the 21st Century”: un.org

"I think this topic is very timely, and I would really like to discuss it with you, as I believe that the United Nations partnership with the European Union is much more important than many may think."

"The European Union and the United Nations share common objectives and goals to realize all the important pillars of the United Nations Charter."

The United Nations stands ready to step-up its partnership with the European Union, including with the European Commission, to address both the short-term, middle and long-term course of action, to deliver a sustainable solution.
see what else the EU has been up to: realigning-nations
and, the major players who are: reinventing the world

These are huge strides being made in the 'one world' agenda. Take note...

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