Boaters to be 'wired'

update on: boaters-to-be-netted

Report: Small-vessel security to rely on tech tools: article

"Technology will be a key component in reducing the terrorist threat associated with the nation’s 13.2 million recreational and commercial small boats, according to a new strategy for small-vessel security released by the Homeland Security Department."

"Technology is needed for data reporting, analysis and sharing; boat tracking and detection; radiation detection; and surveillance, the report said."

"The report envisions a more detailed risk identification and management strategy to be developed by the department along with the boating community."

"Specific technologies recommended in the report are:

  • Low-cost, nonintrusive, small-vessel identification systems, such as radio frequency identification tags.
  • Adaptable miniature transponders.
  • Global Positioning System devices.
  • Cell phone-based recognition systems.
  • Anomaly detection instruments.
  • Advanced maritime radiation/nuclear detection technology for portable radiation detection equipment, mobile stand-off radiation detectors and fixed detectors."

Small Vessel Security Strategy is the official name of the new DHS program now being developed. This new electronic tracking system is being implemented under the guise of helping with 'national security', but it's the freedoms of American citizens that are once again being sacrificed on the altar of the micromanaged big-brother authoritarian system which is replacing "life as we know it". Land or sea, the all-seeing eye of the Homeland gestapo intends to keep their electronic eye on you...

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