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The National Landscape Conservation System Act, H.R. 2016:source

"WASHINGTON - The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation today that formally recognizes 26 million acres of wild and historic lands in the first congressionally designated conservation system in the past 40 years."

"These lands play an increasingly important role in protecting our natural and historic resources," said William H. Meadows, the president of The Wilderness Society, one of 75 conservation, historic preservation, faith-based, recreation, business and place-based friends groups supporting the bill. "We look forward to the Senate taking action on this important legislation."

"The bill ensures that lands within the Conservation System remain a single system which will allow a greater communication within BLM."

"The National Landscape Conservation System encompasses many historically and ecologically important areas, including 15 national monuments, 13 national conservation areas, 36 wild and scenic rivers, 148 wilderness areas, 4,264 miles of national scenic and historic trails, and more than 600 wilderness study areas."
This bill sailed through the house, and a similar bill, S. 1139, which would also create new layers upon layers of regulation and control measures over the 26 million acres of public lands, is awaiting a vote in the Senate.

Another 'environmental' bill is being 'discussed' in the Senate today, S2739, called the "Consolidated Natural Resources Act of 2008". This bill incorporates 62 separate legislations into a nice tidy little package so as to pass all in one fell swoop. It encompasses all sorts of new legislation dealing with new federal parks, 'wilderness areas', land and water studies, water related authorities, national heritage areas, and other related.

In other words, greatly increased federal controls over ever widening areas as well as over the "natural resources". There seems to be many issues dealing with private property rights also connected with these legislations. No specifics at this time though as the bills are not as yet finalized or passed into law. There does not appear to be any significant opposition though. There are many other related bills pending. stay tuned

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