Right on cue....

Food shortages may spark war, IMF warns: source

"PARIS – The head of the International Monetary Fund warned Friday that soaring world food prices can have dire consequences, such as toppling governments and even triggering wars."

"The IMF chief said the problem could also threaten democracies, even in countries where governments have done all they could to help the local population."
and so:

Sarkozy proposes global food scheme: article

"French President Nicolas Sarkozy has suggested a global partnership to tackle the reasons for rising food prices."

"He says that greater co-ordination is needed among international financial institutions, governments and the private sector about world farming."

"Sarkozy presented his food partnership plan at a climate conference in Paris"

see: global management through partnerships
and Sarkozy on realigning-nations
Global partnerships to save the _______ (fill in the blank).

Reading right from the script....ie. Antichrist one world government script....believe it or not.

Rev. 18:4 come out of her my people...

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