Strip Searchin' Money Grubbin' Needle Jabbin' Martial Law'in: The NWO Has Arisen

Strip you down, break your bank, and stick needles in you...and we will own you, saith the 'beast':
TSA To Expand Use Of Body Scanners
The Transportation Security Administration plans to install 150 security machines at airport checkpoints that enable screeners to see under passengers' clothes.

The installation will vastly expand the use of the controversial body scanners, which can reveal hidden bombs and knives. But the devices have been labeled as intrusive by some lawmakers. The House of Representatives in June overwhelmingly passed a measure that would restrict their use by the TSA to passengers flagged by other types of screening, such as metal detectors. The measure is pending in the Senate.

[While the senate does nothing, 'strip searches' are on the fast track to becoming the norm for the slave class in the 'new order of the ages' (novus ordo seclorum). see: TSA To 'Strip Search' All Passengers 4-11-09]
FDIC Discloses Deposit Insurance Fund Is Now Negative
In an unprecedented disclosure, the FDIC has highlighted that it expects the DIF reserve ratio to be negative as of September 30. As there are a whopping 48 hours before that deadline, one can safely assume that the DIF is now well into negative territory: as of today depositors have no insurance courtesy of a banking system that has leeched out all the capital of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

[Occult science aka Globalism 101: Only out of the wreckage of the old can the new rise. see: America: They're Shutting It Down]
Military to get mandatory swine flu shots soon
A top U.S. military commander says troops will begin getting required swine flu shots in the next week to 10 days. Active duty forces deploying to war zones and other critical areas are at the front of the vaccine line. see: Mandatory-Military-October
Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart also told The Associated Press that as many as 400 troops are ready to go to five regional headquarters around the country to assist federal health and emergency management officials if needed as the flu season heats up. see: 'Swine Flu' To Bring Martial Law?

[Military-staffed H1N1 injection centers coming to your town soon]

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