State Of New York Backs Out Of Oct. 30 'Mandatory Vaccine' Trial

Update on: New York Mandatory Vaccination To Get 'Day In Court' 10-16-09 "McNamara scheduled a hearing for Oct. 30 on the three cases before him, involving the flu vaccine...Officials said in a statement: In two weeks the Department is scheduled to be in court, where we will vigorously defend this lawsuit on its merits. We are confident that the regulation will be upheld." (see post)
New York suspends mandatory flu shots for health workers
NEW YORK (CNN) -- New York public health workers will no longer be required to be vaccinated against both the seasonal and H1N1 flu virus, state officials announced Thursday, prompted by a vaccine shortage.
The Public Employees Federation, New York's second-largest state employees union, sued over the requirement and was awaiting a state Supreme Court hearing scheduled for October 30
The vaccine shortage has defused the conflict.
"The CDC acknowledged that New York would only receive approximately 23 percent of its anticipated vaccine supply," Paterson said. "As a result, we need to be as resourceful as we can with the limited supplies of vaccine currently coming into the state."
re: 'vaccine shortage'?
Not enough vaccine to go around so the court date is off. That excuse is about a 3rd grade level.
Even if the NWO backs off with the extreme pressure to vaccinate for a time because of a claimed "shortage", it very is important to keep in mind that this fake pandemic is going to be here for the foreseeable future. This may not yet be understood by the majority of people. see: 10-9-09: WHO Extends Pandemic Scam Indefinitely (they are talking years)

This opens the door for any number of possible scenarios to develop at some later date...including another 3rd grade level excuse - the old 'mutating virus' story. That would make it a whole new ballgame. This one is already getting a little air time; see:
Swine Flu Scam: A New Twist Around Every Corner
Meanwhile, 'Swine '09' is being used to rewrite state laws giving governors the right to become dictators...if they should at some time decide to declare an 'emergency' see: Draconian NWO Dissent-Busting Massachusetts SB 2028 Rewrite Clears House, Back to Senate For Final Passage

Internationally the same thing is underway. The entire country of Belgium is already under military rule because of this fake 'pandemic'
Swine '09: Belgium 1st Country To Go Under Military Rule Because Of 'H1N1' Hoax.
Delay is no victory. The NWO planners are masters of the two steps forward - one step back modus operandi. Be aware.
Matthew 24:42 Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

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