'Government' Putting Knife In Back Of Corporate America: Flaunting Open Dictatorship

In a striking display of government authority, pay czar Kenneth Feinberg is taking a knife to the pay packages of certain companies receiving U.S. funds. According to media reports, the government will slash the compensation of the 25 highest-paid employees at the seven firms receiving the most aid.
While the numbers may be most startling, what’s also notable in Feinberg’s moves are the corporate governance changes reportedly being demanded at these troubled firms. The positions of Chairman and CEO will be split, boards will have to create risk assessment committees, and “staggered” director elections will be eliminated.
re: striking display of government authority dictatorship...
...and in broad daylight too, no longer even attempting to hide it. Self-appointed obama-czars, i.e. Zionist-Sanhedrin wannabes, under the guise of last year's absolutely fabricated 'financial meltdown' created the scenario, in part, to OPENLY take over corporate America. Invent a financial crisis, 'lend' money to the 'crippled' firms, then swoop in and take control of the companies while the 'loan' is still outstanding. This is exactly what was done. This is exactly how it was done. The end result is seen here...so-called pay-czar Kenneth Feinberg is taking upon himself the power to make corporate decisions for the various firms, including "taking a knife to the pay packages" of the once private entities.
Feinberg's knife, in reality, is being thrust into the backs of the American people. Mark these words...these nation destroying Zionists are bent on nothing less than complete and total domination over the entire earth. They have no intention of sitting back and putting their feet up because they have captured corporate America. This is only the beginning. A very serious one albeit. Understand too the even bigger picture, they are coming for you personally, and fully intend to enslave you. see: the mark of the beast
Be alerted...the redcoats are coming, the redcoats are coming.
see: NWO: Fed To Dictate, 'B-czar' Wants To Dictate 9-19-09
Do you know about The Blessed Hope - Titus 2:13?

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