The Dissolving Of Nations: Lisbon Treaty [10-2-09] And The European Union

In two days, 10-2-09, the people of Ireland will go to the polls to vote on something called the "Treaty of Lisbon". Few have heard of the Lisbon treaty, or if they have, understand what is at stake. What is at stake is nothing less than the sovereignty and individual constitutions of the 27 nations of the European Union. "Lisbon", should it be ratified, would legally merge the 27 EU nations into what essentially would be a single entity. The treaty must be ratified by every EU nation before it can take effect, which is the reason for the 10-2-09 Irish vote. Ireland is the only nation of the 27 which has yet to submit to the “Treaty of Lisbon”, having previously rejected it in June 2008. Apparently this did not go over well with the NWO-ers, and so they have arranged for a 'do-over'. If the referendum passes this time, the individual nations will be effectively dissolved, and the entire world radically altered.

More info:
wiseupjournal [Ireland]: "[as it now stands]...the EU is not a real Union and citizenship is stated as “notional” [ theoretical - not real - imaginary]. The Lisbon Treaty would make us real citizens of a new federal state legally called the European Union. It would be legally a new union, federal state separate from it’s members, for the first time. We would be real citizens of this new entity for the first time, with real rights and duties superior to our national citizenship."

The Lisbon Treaty is of course comprehensive, but here are a few of the 'biggies':

From: 13 Critical Lisbon Treaty Facts - Must Read * wiseupjournal

5. Would abolish our present right to “propose” and decide who [each nation's] Commissioner is, by replacing it with a right to make “suggestions” only, leaving it up to the incoming Commission President to decide.

6. Would give the European Union the Constitution of an EU Federal State which would have primacy over the....national Constitutions.

7. Would turn us into real citizens for the first time of this new post-Lisbon European Union, owing obedience to its laws and loyalty to its authority over and above our obedience and loyalty to [individual nation's] Constitution and laws in the event of any conflict between the two. We would still keep our [nation's] citizenship, but it would be subordinate to our new EU citizenship and the rights and duties vis-a-vis the EU that would attach to that(Art.9 TEU).

12. Would enable the 27 EU Prime Ministers to appoint an EU President for up to five years without allowing voters any say as to who he or she would be - thereby abolishing the present six-monthly rotating EU presidencies (Art.15.5 TEU).
Fact is, no sovereign nations can survive, and no national constitutions can exist in the global 'kingdom' now morphing into existence before our eyes. Bible prophecy predicts the dividing of the governments of the world into regions or 'unions', and that this development would be the scenario that sets the stage for the consequent rise of one who will make himself king over all...aka the biblical Antichrist. The globalists are working frantically to create these 'regions'. We will see what happens Friday 10-2-09. see: "ten kings...shall arise" Dan. 7:24
compare, connect dots...it will be no different for any other 'region':
The 'Eastern Partnership' 12-16-08
Central American 'Region' (12-10-08; negotiating)
Caribbean Economic Union 2009
African 'Regional Union' Forming 11-4-08
Mediterranean Union To 'Set up Shop' 11-3-08
South American Union 10-17-08
ASEAN Union Formally Ratified 12-15-08
North American Union under 'stealth' development

Isaiah 24:21 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the LORD shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth.

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