Lisbon In Czech Supreme Court Tomorrow 10-27-09: Last Hurdle For 27-Nation Dictatorship

In a submission to the Czech constitutional court, which will decide tomorrow whether the treaty is compatible with the country’s constitution, Mr Klaus has suggested that it should be subject to a referendum.
The President, who is the only head of state yet to sign the treaty, attacked the EU notion of “shared sovereignty” as a contradiction that effectively means a loss of national control.
The court will hold a one-day public hearing tomorrow in a case seen as the final legal obstacle to the treaty in the Czech Republic.
“The substance of sovereignty is an unlimited execution of power. Its sharing negates sovereignty,” he added.
Analysts think it unlikely that the court will uphold his complaints, having dismissed similar questions from Czech senators earlier this year, although this is the first time that it has been asked to rule on the treaty as a whole rather than specific sections.
re: "shared sovereignty is a contradiction"
Shared sovereignty is NWO-speak for dictatorship. This dramatic presentation, 'Dissolution of Nations', will continue live tomorrow. What is being done in Europe will be done globally. It is called global regional-government,, aka Agenda 21, aka communitarianism, aka dictatorship.
compare: Lisbon Treaty 10-2-09 Do-Over: NWO Passes "EU's New Rulebook" "The Czech parliament having already passed the treaty, the Czech president's challenge has been 'handed-over' to their Supreme Court. If they handle the matter anything at all like SCOTUS handled the no-birth certificate matter in this country (U.S.), the whole thing should prove to be little more than a hiccup. The globalists are more than confident that they will have the 'Union' up and running by the start of 2010.
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'He ruleth by his power forever; his eyes behold the nations: let not the rebellious exalt themselves. Selah' Psalms 66:7

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