Lisbon Treaty 10-2-09 Do-Over: NWO Passes "EU's New Rulebook"

Follow up on: The Dissolving Of Nations: Lisbon Treaty [10-2-09] And The European Union (see post)
Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Ireland endorsed the European Union’s new governing treaty, in a reversal of last year’s veto that puts the EU back on course to enhance its global profile and revamp its policymaking system.
The Lisbon Treaty was approved by 67 percent of voters, with 33 percent opposed to the EU’s new rulebook, according to results delivered at the central count center in Dublin. Voters rejected the treaty in June 2008.
Ireland became the 25th of the 27 EU countries to ratify. While parliaments in Poland and the Czech Republic have passed the treaty, both require presidential signatures on the final paperwork. EU treaties require unanimous ratification to take effect.
Polish President Lech Kaczynskiwill be keeping his word and signing the treaty,” Mariusz Handzlik, a presidential aide, said in a telephone interview today.
In the Czech Republic, allies of anti-EU President Vaclav Klaus filed a supreme court challenge last week, saying the treaty violates Czech sovereignty. The court yesterday barred further ratification steps until it issues a ruling, which may take weeks.
Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, holder of the EU presidency, called Ireland’s endorsement “a good day for Europe” and voiced confidence that the new rulebook will be in place by the start of 2010. He plans to meet on Oct. 7 in Brussels with Prime Minister Jan Fischer of the Czech Republic, a backer of the treaty.
re: 'European union's new governing treaty'
Right off the bat, it is extremely interesting to note the final vote tally in this most critical of outcomes, with the 'losing' side coming in with only 33%. Can it be just pure coincidence that the losing number '33' is also the high-holy number of the masonic/illuminati NWO? Not a chance. What has been achieved here is a major accomplishment toward the realization of the ancient Zionist/masonic goal of world domination. Europe has been successfully merged into a single entity and delivered into their hands!
One minor hurdle still remains before the NWO 27-nation takeover becomes absolute, and the "new rulebook" is put in place. That would be the "anti-EU" president of the Czech Republic, who rightly claims that the treaty violates Czech sovereignty. The reality is that the "European Union's new governing treaty", as per the official spin, basically does away with it altogether. Note also that he is not termed 'pro-sovereignty', but "anti-EU". The truth-twisting never ceases.
The Czech parliament having already passed the treaty, the Czech president's challenge has been 'handed-over' to their Supreme Court. If they handle the matter anything at all like SCOTUS handled the no-birth certificate matter in this country (U.S.), the whole thing should prove to be little more than a hiccup. The globalists are more than confident that they will have the 'Union' up and running by the start of 2010. see: Tony Blair Pre-anointed For First EU 'Dictator'? 10-1-09
The Agenda 21 'dissolution of nations' program has just taken a giant step forward, but will not stop here. NO sovereign nations, NO national constitutions, whatsoever, can exist in the coming kingdom of the Zionist Antichrist, which is exactly what we are here seeing materialize.
Can you say 'Noahide? (again, more on that later)
Everything happening in the U.S. has been carefully orchestrated to achieve the same end, i.e. assimilation into this totalitarian 666 system. The completed takeover of Europe is a clear signal to the entire world that the realization of the ages-old Satanic plan of the 'novus ordo seclorum' is closer than ever. They can taste it now, and from here on out it will be no holds barred, full speed ahead. Be ready. Rev. 18:4
Hosea 9:9 They have deeply corrupted themselves, as in the days of Gibeah: therefore he will remember their iniquity, he will visit their sins.

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