UK Labels Vaccine Resistors As "Extremists"

Medical chief warns of extremists’ attacking flu vaccination campaign

Extremists are attempting to derail the introduction of a national swine flu vaccination campaign, the country’s top doctor has warned.

Sir Liam Donaldson, the Chief Medical Officer for England, spoke out against protests aimed at deterring people from having the jab. In one case, a Birmingham hospital had already been flyposted with anti-vaccination messages as its immunisation campaign started.
We have seen it before with vaccines like MMR [the combined jab for measles, mumps and rubella], and now extremists are doing the same thing again.”
So...anybody who doesn't want themselves or the family/children to be injected with a mystery toxic-soup concoction for an imaginary pig flu (introduced bio-agents at some point are another topic) is now an "extremist". Interesting timing on this one...perfectly coinciding with the global advent of the 'QUARANTINE'. Hmm
The NWO's 'war on dissent' is about to be taken into new realms, judging from the rhetoric coming out of the UK. Be wide awake.
compare: UK Boots Benny Hinn Under New Anti-Extremism Rule For 'No Certificate' 10-3-09

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