Agenda 21 And More UK Madness: Parents Banned From Playground w/o Government Clearance

Council bans parents from play areas
Parents have been banned from supervising their children in public playgrounds, because they have not undergone criminal record checks.

Only council-vetted "play rangers" are now allowed to monitor youngsters in two adventure areas in Watford while parents must watch from outside a perimeter fence. Councillors in Watford claim they are only following Government guidelines and cannot allow adults to walk around playgrounds "unchecked".
Parents already have to 'register' their child on arrival at the free playgrounds so staff have their contact details in the event of an accident.
But now only those who have been CRB vetted by the council can enter the sites, which are surrounded by six foot high steel and wooden fences.
"Due to Ofsted regulations we have a responsibility to ensure that every authorised adult who enters our site is properly vetted and given a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check by Watford Borough Council."
re: 'councillors...following Government guidelines'
"The key thing to note in this article is the phrase "local council authorities" [councillors]. This is the Agenda 21 communitarian model at work. Agenda 21, i.e. the 'United Nations Agenda for the 21st century', divides the world into a centrally controlled system of regions, which are then subdivided into networks of basically self-governed (i.e. "local council authorities" as they are called in the UK) communities...hence the source of the name 'communitarianism'. While it may sound good on paper, so to speak, the outrageous reality is evident in the UK. They are modeling the global prototype. quoted from: Global 'Kingdom' Management: UK Installing Government Cameras In Private Homes 8-3-09 (see post)
As always, the UK is pushing the envelope to take things to the next level. Inside the envelope is the coming 'kingdom' of 666. And...they are coming for everyone. Rev. 18:4
'And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.'

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