Little Secret in 'Hate Crimes' Bill, Other NWO Scams

Hate Crimes Bill Double Jeopardy
"The Hate Crimes Bill was stuffed inside the military appropriations bill, in honor of deceased Senator Ted Kennedy, and passed into Law today. Now our government has the legal authority to retry cases that resolved without a guilty verdict....This law actually will allow the DOJ to retry cases that were adjudged "innocent" or "not guilty."
"...the bill's sponsors seek to use it to reprosecute people in federal court who have already been found innocent of hate crimes in state court, taking advantage of the "dual sovereignty" loophole in constitutional protections against double jeopardy."
(Another draconian tool helping facilitate the takedown and federal (global) takeover of states - hidden in the newly passed legislation.)
Australians could be banned from living on the coast
The National Sea Change Taskforce, a parliamentary committee, spent 18 months examining the effect that changing climate could have on coastal Australia and concluded that urgent action was needed to safeguard the coast from seas that are expected to rise more than 31 inches this century.
However, the sweeping parliamentary report urged authorities to consider "the possibility of a government instrument that prohibits continued occupation of the land or future building development on the property due to sea hazard".
The report also called for a national coastline plan, greater co-operation between the three levels of government and a revised building code to cope with storm surges and soil erosion.
(More fake climate-change as the excuse for an Australian NWO land grab and population control program. [aka Agenda 21; similar things are being implemented worlwide])
Expert: U.N. Resolutions Would Create 'Global Blasphemy Law'
The so-called “defamation of religions” U.N. resolutions, proposed by the Organization of the Islamic Conference, would create a “global blasphemy law,” the chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom warned on Wednesday.
The resolutions are currently non-binding, but OIC has publicly stated that its goal is for the U.N. to adopt a binding international covenant against the “defamation of religions.”
The “defamation of religions” resolutions are expected to be formally proposed for renewal by OIC next month or later this year.
(The NWO's war on dissent, e.g. 'free speech', will have to go global before global control can be established. This one is a work in progress.)
For those who may be so inclined; see: Doctrine Of The Rapture by Hamilton Smith; 1862-1943 (H. S. was a widely respected bible expositor among the 'Plymouth Brethern' of the early 20th century. This is a very good, biblically accurate teaching.)

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