Globalist Politician Schwarzenegger 'Signs' NWO Homosexual Agenda Into Law

Schwarzenegger Signs Two Pro-Homosexual Bills into Law

SACRAMENTO, Oct. 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- Yesterday evening Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed SB 54 and SB 572, both authored by Senator Mark Leno, into law. SB 54 requires California to grant all the privileges and rights of marriage to same-sex marriages performed outside of California prior to the passage of Proposition 8 last year. SB 572 requires the governor to declare every May 22 Harvey Milk Day in California.
"This is tragic news for California families," state Karen England, executive director of Capitol Resource Institute. "The governor has chosen to completely undermine the will of the people -- the millions of Californians who have twice stated that they intend for only traditional marriage to be recognized in our state. By signing SB 54, the governor thumbs his nose at the initiative process and the voters who trust that their vote means something.
"The people of California have clearly spoken out against same-sex marriage and Harvey Milk Day, yet the legislature and the governor continue to push their agenda on our children," stated England. "Parents are outraged that their young children -- including kindergarteners -- will be forced to participate in activities 'commemorating' the life of a man known for his sexuality. Parents and voters are deeply disappointed and outraged by the governor's signing of these two unnecessary, agenda-pushing bills."
re:' thumbs his nose'
Flexing their muscle and defying the will of the people with a stroke of the pen, puppet politicians of the NWO from local to national levels fulfill only the will of their globalist masters. There is no 'democracy' anymore, and while they may not come right out and say it in so many words, their actions prove it. They are there only to facilitate the transition of the country into a global dictatorship.
In this instance, Schwarzenegger is just one of a vast array of NWO co-conspirators aiding and abetting the homosexual agenda along on it's mad course toward a headlong plunge into the abyss. And, make no mistake about it, they are coming for your sons and daughters, hiding behind things like "Harvey Milk Day". You will absolutely have to be proactive in guarding your sons and daughters from depraved homosexual proselytisers who now have open access to their young minds.

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But there is more to it. The homosexual agenda is in reality just another multi-purpose tool of the NWO, and is being used ultimately as a means to the end of the greater goal, i.e. destroying the right to free speech. Freedom to express opposition cannot be tolerated in the future totalitarian Zionist kingdom of Antichrist, and the homosexual agenda is providing the perfect free-speech denying, precedent-setting circumstances. Any who oppose this ungodliness and dare voice an opposing opinion will soon find themselves with their backs against the wall.
Banning the Word of God from this world, whose Word they hate with vehement passion, is the true goal of the anti-christ globalists. Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 5:24 'Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the LORD of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel..'