Finland's Health Minister Says "The swine flu...that's just rubbish"

La Dra Rauni Kilde habla sobre la ConspiraciĆ³n de la Gripe Porcina
Finland's Health Minister On The Swine Flu Conspiracy:

"the swine flu...that's just rubbish"

fyi: The video is dated 8-31-09. She names "Kissinger", "Rumsfeld", "Big Pharma", "Bilderberg", and the "elite", in addition to repeated references to 'they'.

So here is the question to grapple with, one that needs an answer. Who are "they"?

*One very interesting thing about this item is the Finland Health Minister's name - Raune Kilde. [killed?] Is that a real name, or has it been changed somewhere along the way? Who knows, just noting it. These globalists are absolutely inhuman, and the fact is that they do love to flaunt themselves...
see also: Global Government Taking Giant Step Because Of...Scamdemic 4-26-09 (This was posted at the very beginning of this worldwide conspiracy, i.e. just a little over six months ago when the first 'reports' came out of Mexico; w/video)
Job 24:13 'They are of those that rebel against the light; they know not the ways thereof, nor abide in the paths thereof.'

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