World's "Environment Ministers" In London Today, Charge Up For Copenhagen 12-'09

The world's future is being decided this weekend

We must agree to halt deforestation and curtail air travel now if the Copenhagen summit is to succeed'
Energy and environment ministers from the world's major economies are meeting in London today to try to accelerate crucial negotiations over an international treaty on climate change.
But there are still major obstacles and some doubt whether a strong global deal can be hammered out in time for the United Nations's conference on climate change in Copenhagen, now just seven weeks away.
compare: Copenhagen Preview: 100 World Leaders Submit To *Global Script On Fake 'Climate Change' (see post, follow links)
This is a 'pro-Copenhagen' article, coming straight out of the Global Script. That script is the one that says ridiculous things like we have to "curtail air travel now" to save the earth. What that really means, in other words, is that 'we' must begin the 'lockdown' of the global serfdom. Totalitarian control is the only objective of the self-elected global elite who have today usurped control of the governments of the nations, and environmentalism is the ruse to rewrite 'the rules of the earth' and subject all people worldwide to themselves. Despite the claims of "obstacles' and "doubt", seven weeks from now this one world government agenda will be advanced, to the detriment of free people everywhere on the planet. read more on Copenhagen: Ban Ki-moon: 4 Months To 'Secure Future Of Planet' 8-12-09
This scheme has been in the works for a long time. The hype is just that. The plan will go forward. Be aware. Rev. 18:4
Thus saith the LORD: PSALMS 2:1 'Why do...the people imagine a vain thing?'

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