Fake Terrorists, Fake Pandemic Being Used To Takeover World

New York to fight terrorism with more street-corner cameras, license plate readers, and “weapons sensors”
New York - On the heels of breaking up an alleged bomb terror plot, New York is planning to place high-tech security cameras, license plate readers, and "weapons sensors" in midtown Manhattan.

Office workers and tourists - and possible terorists - will have cameras watching their every move as they visit Macy's, shop for diamonds at Tiffany & Co., or gawk in Times Square. The apparatus, paid for by some $24 million in Department of Homeland Security funding, will expand a similar effort already underway in lower Manhattan where cameras focus on the Federal Reserve, the New York Stock Exchange, and the Brooklyn Bridge.
Airports To Screen Travellers For H1N1
With the holiday season just a few weeks away, health officials fear the swine flu will pick up right along with air travel.
New government guidelines are on their way, designed to help keep passengers healthy.
The government warns that some passengers may be asked to pass through a screening device, have their temperatures taken, answer questions about their health, and even be quarantined if someone on the flight shows symptoms of H1N1.
But the H1N1 virus isn't just a danger in the skies. Buses and trains can also be a breeding ground for germs. Millions of riders climb aboard every day, and that has many taking precautions.
re: 'alleged terror plot', 'new guidelines...to keep passengers healthy'
Fake threats from every side, not only in this country, but across the globe. Answer? Expanding surveillances, "new government guidelines"...on the way, again. Science fiction it is not. A devilish strategy to subjugate humanity it is. Be ye wise.


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