No-Certificate Update: 'Kenyan Born Proof' Saved, Video Produced, More Reports Surface

Follow up on : Obama No-Certificate And The Coming Constitutional 'Crisis': Kenyan Born Proof?, 10-16-09 (see post)

More articles appearing, and the purported recently found ones now saved from 'scrubbing', as happened to the one in the Honolulu newspaper, and video documentation of it all:
2 More African News Agencies declare Obama “Kenyan-born”!
(read full article for details)


Oct. 16, 2009) — Even as the Hawaiian Advertiser
scrubs their report of January 8, 2006, in which they identified Barack Hussein Obama as born overseas, 2 more African New sites have come to light which report the former U.S. Senator as “Kenyan-born”. The present report is a follow up to The Post & Email’s previous reports of:

Oct. 14, 2009 — AP declares Obama “Kenyan-Born”!
Oct. 15, 2009 — Google’s archive shows Obama’s birth story has changed

To forestall any attempt at Internet revisionism, The Post & Email has cached and image captured the pages of each Nigerian paper, featured in this report.


On 8-10-08, Barack Birth Certificate Fraud? "Israel Insider is reporting that analysts working separately have determined the birth certificate posted on the Daily Kos website and later on Sen. Barack Obama's "Fight the Smears" campaign website is fraudulent"

....was the first post on this blog in regard to this issue, with these comments:

"re: Oba-manati's birth certificate forged? 'fyi: While it's no surprise that this 'story' has not been touched by the NWO propaganda networks i.e. Fox, Cnn, ABC, CBS, etc., it has been floating around the net for the last couple of months and has refused to go away. It may yet prove to be an interesting little twist in the globalist plot...but what that would be and how it would work out remains to be seen, if at all....It would make for some good distracting NWO theatre though...But the real question is...does it even matter? The answer...sadly, is no, for all the 'players' [at the time, Hillary, McCain, etc.] are reading from the exact same globalist script. It's the one where all the world, including, yes, this country too, will be assimilated into the now rapidly forming Antichrist [Zionist] global kingdom. And without question, if anything comes from this debacle, it will in some way advance that agenda. watch and see...'"

Here it is, one year and two months later...and that 'kingdom'-agenda has advanced like nothing ever seen, and this little 'plot twist' may still yet play a big role in hastening all things to completion. Stay tuned....
2Thes. 2:7 'For the mystery of iniquity doth already work...'

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