Draconian NWO Dissent-Busting Massachuetts SB 2028 Rewrite Clears House, Back to Senate For Final Passage

Follow up on: Massachusetts Senate Passes Draconian Bill 2028: Jail And Fines For Vaccine Refusers 8-24-09
Massachusetts HR 4271 Rewrite Still Gives Dictatorial Power

A bill has been approved by the Massachusetts House of Representatives to take the state closer to giving the governor nearly unlimited power to declare states of emergency and public health emergencies.
By a better than 3-1 margin, House Resolution 4271 has sailed through the House with little opposition. The bill is a rewrite of the more controversial Senate Bill 2028
Allen said the basic problem is that the bill still violates constitutional protections.
"...the bill doesn't repeal Chapter 639 of a 1950 law which reads in Section Four, "The governor shall have general direction and control of the civil defense agency, and shall be responsible for carrying out the provisions of this act and may assume direct operational control over any or all parts of the civil defense functions within the commonwealth."
Section Five of the same law states, "Whenever the governor has proclaimed the existence of such a state of emergency, he may employ every agency and all members of every department and division of the government of the commonwealth to protect the lives and property of its citizens and to enforce the law."
Further, the law states, "After such proclamation has been made, the governor may, in the event of disaster or shortage making such action necessary for the protection of the public, take possession (1) of any land or building, machinery or equipment…"
The biggest concern comes in Section 10, the section that gives military and law enforcement personnel the right to enter private homes.
"Such members may at any time enter upon private property in compliance with the written order of the governor, for the sole purpose of enforcing the laws, rules, regulations, by-laws or ordinances specifically set forth by the governor in such orders," it states.
The bill goes back to the Senate for reconsideration where it is expected to pass and be signed into law by Gov. Deval Patrick.
Looks to be an uncontested slam dunk at this point; see: Napolitano: Massachusetts Governor To Sign Pandemic Bill 2028 9-28-09 (video)
re: proclamation?
When this bill is signed into law, through nothing more than a simple 'proclamation of emergency', the governor can then take to himself the power of a de-facto dictator.
Is it obvious yet? Swine '09 is nothing more than an invented 'on-call' emergency. It is not even about the toxic vaccinations, per se, but is an extension of the so-called global war on terror, which is in reality not a war on terror at all, but a war on dissent. As soon as Patrick inks his name to this legislation, the military gains the authority to bash down doors and force submission to the dictator-governor's new "laws, rules, regulations, by-laws or ordinances".
This whole thing is a farce, pure and simple, designed to achieve this very purpose - the ability to unleash the 'Iron Fist' whenever they decide that the time is right.
And it's only two weeks into the vaccination segment of this Cabalist-globalist farcical production.
Long way to go..be wise.
see also: Swine '09 Unprecedented Step: Massachusetts Deputizing Civilian 'Vaccinators' 8-13-09
Psalms 10:2 The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined.

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