Free Speech About To Become History? Hate Crimes Bill Looking Like Slam Dunk

A spokesman with the American Family Association says the hate crimes bill passed Thursday afternoon by the House could have a chilling effect on free speech and religious freedoms in the nation. If the bill passes the Senate, federal prosecutors will be able to intervene in cases of violence against people because of gender, sexual orientation, "gender identity," or disability.
The bill passed by the House, he says, is alarming.
"For the first time in American history we are criminalizing thought," he laments. "Thomas Jefferson said the reach of legislation should extend to actions only and not to opinions -- and now we are punishing people not just for what they did, but what they were thinking when they did it.
"It's also going to have a chilling effect on freedom of speech, especially religious speech. And [in] other places where these hate crimes bills have gone into effect, pastors have wound up in jail or fined for preaching a biblical view of homosexuality."
Fischer says he would not be surprised if the bill passes through the Senate by the weekend. "I suspect the president is putting pressure on some Democrats in Congress to get this done so he can sign it by Saturday night," says the AFA spokesman. " [That very evening] he's going to give the keynote address at the Human Rights Campaign dinner. That's the major homosexual advocacy group in the nation. I think he wants this scalp on his belt walking into that dinner."
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Big Trouble On the Horizon

The warning signal for a tsunami is not hard to discern. Before a tsunami hits shore, all the water recedes far off the beach as it is sucked into the massive swell that is about to hit land. Taking into consideration everything that's going on across the planet at this point in time, it is obvious that this is exactly what is happening. The water is gone all the way out, and there is a huge black wall on the horizon moving in, not of H2O though, but of NWO.

There is only one answer: Get to higher ground, asap.
Psalms 69:29 But I am poor and sorrowful: let thy salvation, O God, set me up on high.

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