NWO 2012: Big Brother Closing In On All Sides - Quickly

DoD To Use Iris Scans, Fingerprints For Building Security
The Defense Department is preparing two large scale tests to prove whether biometrics can control who enters military facilities without impeding the flow of traffic. For more than a decade, DoD has used fingerprints, iris scans and facial recognition technology to detect terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq and in other countries. But as an approach to physical access, the military has only in a limited way put their Common Access Cards (CACs) with biometric data on them to full use. "There are some quick wins happening in DoD around physical access," said Brian Hunt, the Army's chief of the future applications branch in the Biometrics Identity Management Agency, during the FOSE conference in Washington Thursday. "The Pentagon Force Protection Agency … has developed a system that is in place at the Mark Center in [Alexandria,] Virginia.

Florida school district to pilot palm scanner in lunch room
The school district is considering testing a new pilot program that uses a near-infrared light to scan a student’s palm and vein pattern in place of the eight-digit identification numbers or ID cards currently used at the cash registers...The district’s food and nutrition services department hopes to test the program in an elementary, middle and high school before the end of this school year. After the trial period, the program could be implemented districtwide...The system works by converting a student’s vein pattern into a numerical algorithm. Every time a student waves his or her palm over the sensor, the system recognizes the student.

Cops Can Copy iPhone Contents In Less Than 2 Minutes
The CelleBrite UFED is a handheld device that Michigan officers have been using since August 2008 to copy information from mobile phones belonging to motorists stopped for minor traffic violations. The device can circumvent password restrictions and extract existing, hidden, and deleted phone data, including call history, text messages, contacts, images, and geotags...In short, it can copy everything on your smartphone in a matter of minutes.

Cops can request a copy of your complete Facebook activity
We have just learned about the true nature of Facebook's responses to subpoenas thanks to documents uncovered by the Boston Phoenix, an alternative weekly...The data — which really did come in the form of an old-fashioned paper printout rather than as a digital file of some sort — included all of the suspect's wall posts, photos he'd uploaded, photos he'd been tagged in, a list of his Facebook friends, and "a long table of login and IP data." Based on a look at the actual documents, it appears the login and IP data actually lists which parts of Facebook the individual accessed — down to the photos, groups and profiles he viewed.

Police Using Cell Phones To Track American Citizens

'Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus' Rev. 22:20

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