Western Hemisphere Driver's License/ID

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More border states plan to ease travel with enhanced licenses: source

A growing number of states on the borders with Canada and Mexico are establishing or considering enhanced driver's licenses designed to give residents a more convenient identification option for border crossings.

In February, Washington became the first state to establish the new licenses.

New York and Vermont will follow in coming months. Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano has proposed the idea for residents there, and Michigan is working toward a plan.

The move toward enhanced driver's licenses in states bordering Canada and Mexico is being driven by the federal Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. In June 2009, the initiative will begin requiring U.S. citizens to have a proof-of-citizenship document, passport or some other federally approved identification for getting into the country through land or sea ports, said Kathy Kraninger, the Department of Homeland Security's deputy assistant secretary for policy.

"We are, of course, in negotiations with a number of other states," Homeland Security spokeswoman Amy Kudwa said.
re: move toward 'enhanced' licenses for western hemisphere travel

The new inter-continent western hemisphere "enhanced driver's license" program is taking off. Sign up for 'western hemisphere citizenship' and you can get one too. And dont worry about that teenie weenie itsy bitsy 666 looking thingie on the back of it...it's nothing...really.

These are tremendously significant and foundational changes in the present order of the world. Problem is that the re-order-ers' of the world are intending to install themselves as masters over all the rest. Learn all you can now before the windows close...eyes wide open. Rev. 18:4

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