Blueprint for U.S. Economic Takeover Getting Green Light?

"To appreciate the importance of what is currently taking place, we must first realize that as a private corporation, the Federal Reserve is not required to make public who sits on their board of Directors nor who or what banks and corporations hold stock in their private company. Additionally, they are not required to publish an annual report, and I am told, they pay no taxes."
"According to my analysis of the various activities, which are now referred to as the sub-prime crisis, the mortgage crisis, and the world liquidity crisis, our financial system, which reflects the last vestiges of national sovereignty, must be changed. The recent proposal by the Treasury Department called “Blueprint for a Modernized Financial Regulatory Structure” is being touted as the antidote for our sick economy."

"When the Blueprint was published at the end of March the stock market recovered for a week or two, but now there is a new and constant stream of market hype with some hysteria to ensure that all of its proposals are implemented as soon as possible. On July 10, history will take place when the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Hank Paulson (who’s roots are in Wall Street) and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke sit on the SAME panel to testify before Congress. At that time they will provide enough data to secure the Blueprint’s immediate passage."

"The Blueprint constitutes the final take-over by the Federal Reserve of our nation’s economy."

"The Blueprint recommends changing the banking charter to include all financial institutions, thus effectively transferring, control over “national banks, federal savings associations, and federal [and state] credit union charters, and be available to all corporate forms, including stock, mutual and ownership structures.”"

"Once the last vestiges of American financial sovereignty are transferred to this private corporation, Congress becomes obsolete and useless. Up until this time, they were needed to help approve the various incremental transfers of financial sovereignty. Now, they will not be needed and if they think they have any power, they will find that they gave it all away. How pathetic of them, they should all be hanged for treason."
update on: fed-and-sec-partnering (see post)
This article sheds a bit more light on yesterday's (7-7-08) info-sharing agreement between Wall St's. Paulson and The Fed's Bernanke, as detailed in the "fed and sec" article linked just above. It has amazingly been put in place just in time for their joint appearance before Congress scheduled for 7-10-08, when they shall appear in unison apparently to 'ask' for a green light on their blueprint!
The pace of the restructuring of this nation into a 'homeland' is accelerating at a breathtaking rate, and these developments must represent some of the finishing touches. When 'all financial institutions' come under the control of a single private basically unaccountable organization i.e. the Fed, that is the end of freedom. Recommend reading linked article (and update link). The days are upon us, be informed

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