Pressing The Zionist Agenda

update on: 'Road To Iran' Agenda Bumps Up Again
'UK to lead fight against nuclear Iran': source

"Tough talk on Iran topped the program when Gordon Brown on Monday became the first British prime minister to address the Knesset since Israel was founded 60 years ago."

""From our perspective, this in an unbearable situation. But the threat is not only on Israel, but on all of the moderate regimes in the Arab and Islamic worlds and beyond the Middle East. This is a global threat, and the response to it must to be along a united and determined international front - and most importantly immediate, because we must not miss the deadline.""

for more background see: mandatory-global-integration; kissinger-turning-point-is-here
re: global threat

Immediate response, says Gordon Brown, the first British Prime Minister to ever speak to the Israeli Knesset (senate). The Zionists are growing ever more restless to remove all hindrances to finally achieving the goal of setting up a throne from which to rule the world. see: One World Kingdom Birthing

Problem is, the 'kingdom-come' now under construction is being pieced together without a "sure foundation" because the proper "corner stone" is missing, having been rejected by the builders, the Jews, some 2000 yrs. ago. Without that stone, their 'building' can never stand. see: The Stone which the builders rejected; from Daniel ch. 2

The Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is of course this "stone". He alone is the "tried stone" [Acts 3:18], who, being tried, was proven to be the "precious corner stone" [1Peter 1:18-19]; that very "stone which the builders rejected" (Matt. 21:42; Mark 12:10; Luke 20:17). [hover on scripture references for pop-up]

Until the Lord GOD Himself lays this "corner stone" in Zion, a reference to the physical return of the Lord Jesus Christ to rightfully rule and reign on the earth [Rev. 19:15]; which will not happen until the very serious issue of the rejection and the crucifixion of the Son of God has been settled [Matt. 27:22,25]; any other attempt to establish 'Zion' (God's city), will be "in haste". [Acts 2:36; 4:11]

And that issue absolutely cannot be settled without judgment; that period of time known in the bible as The Tribulation. Only after the Jews are brought by that horrible time of tribulation to an admission of guilt leading to true repentance [Zech. 12:10] can they be restored (Hosea 5:15; Matt. 23:37,38-39).

Isaiah the prophet, speaking for the Lord GOD said..."he that believeth shall not make haste", meaning that true believers will wait patiently until the Lord God Himself lays the one and only "precious corner stone" for the building of the true Zion [Ps. 2:6,10; 102:16]. Again, this is a reference to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to build his own Kingdom "without hands" [Dan. 2:44,45]; that is, nothing of men. Without this 'corner stone', whatever is now being built will be out of plumb and out of square; which is to say it will be hopelessly crooked. [Micah 3:10]

The events transpiring in the world today to build the one world government are "in haste". There will be one that will come though, and will seek to establish himself on the throne of the 'hasty Zion' the Jews are building today, but that one will prove to be an impostor, an 'untried stone', a faulty foundation.

He will be a king though...a king of fierce countenance...proving himself to be not the precious cornerstone, but the biblical Antichrist (Dan. 8:23,24,25). This is the teaching of scripture.

Do not get ahead of the Lord....be not hasty!
Isaiah 28:16 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone , a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste.

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