Police State 'Teams' Formed - Hawaii, CA

Star Bulletin: Teams use (Honolulu) airport to stage bird flu drill

"Local, state and federal workers and military and civilian health care personnel worked as a team in a bird flu drill yesterday at Honolulu Airport."

"Dozens of emergency response personnel from different agencies, clad in protective masks and gear, administered first aid to mock patients who were civilian or military volunteers."

"The coordinated response plan included personnel from the Hawaii Disaster Medical Assistance Team, federal Centers for Disease Control, airport paramedics, airport firefighters, medical personnel from neighbor island and Oahu hospitals, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents, Joint Task Force-Homeland Defense and others."
re: local, state, federal, military, civilian, 'teams'

This article needs to be re-titled. It should read something more like "Fake 'Bird Flu scare' used to create chain-of-command for Police State partnerships".
As the entire system nation homeland-wide is being essentially re-wired into an inter-agency monolithic system, to be managed at the local levels through the use of 'teams', it is of course necessary to 'work it out' in real time. Witness the transition Hawaii.

compare: govt. 'strike teams'; 'Homeland' update
seems to be a trend...'system checks' are happening in every state...what happens after all the systems check out good?
"SAN DIEGOLocal, state and federal agencies are participating in a four-day training drill that focuses on how the groups respond to a mock bio-terrorism attack."
"The goal of the drill – dubbed Operation Golden Phoenix – is to have participating agencies cooperate as they practice command, communication and logistical skills they would use in response to natural disasters and emergencies. The exercise began Monday."
"On Wednesday, San Diego police will practice traffic and crowd control around UCSD Medical Center and Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla as hospital personnel do emergency medical response drills. Marines will serve as mock victims for the exercise and military helicopters will land at the hospital and dispatch two dozen law enforcement officers dressed in full decontamination gear, officials said."

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