Corporate America Selling Out?

Is Bud 'wiser'? Does he know something that we don't?
article: InBev buys Bud for $52 bln to be top world brewer

"The deal, which InBev and analysts expect to gain regulatory approval, would be the largest cash transaction in history, according to research firm Dealogic and the second- biggest ever foreign takeover of a U.S. company after Vodafone Group Plc's"

"Anheuser's home town of St. Louis, Missouri will be the headquarters for the North American region. The companies said all 12 of Anheuser's U.S. breweries would remain open."
re: "North American Region"

Not a good sign when you see the the banks beginning to fail with Fed takeovers and corporate America beginning to bail out...selling out actually...and a foreign takeover. It's definitely a sign though. Notice the language...corporate global speak..."North American region". That's what it's come down to...transitioning the nation into the regional global system.

More to come, you can be certain...compare: canamerexico-coming-out-of-closet

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