Economic Takeover...It's On

article: Analysts Say More Banks Will Fail

"As home prices continue to decline and loan defaults mount, federal regulators are bracing for dozens of American banks to fail over the next year."

"But the troubles are growing so rapidly at some small and midsize banks that as many as 150 out of the 7,500 banks nationwide could fail over the next 12 to 18 months, analysts say. Other lenders are likely to shut branches or seek mergers."
update on: controlling-homeland-finances

re: seek mergers

Want to know what's going to happen next in the 'troubled' financial arena? Just need to 'read between the lines' a bit and it becomes obvious. Here in one small paragraph (2nd one quoted) is revealed the next phase of the strategy for the taking of complete control over the entire financial system..i.e. the merging of the "small and midsize banks"...with the big boys no doubt. Western-Region global governance. It's on people. see: blueprint-for-us-economic-takeover
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