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IMF Chief Calls for Increased North African Economic Integration
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) encourages and supports further economic integration and cooperation between North African countries, IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said on Tuesday. see:
Tracking devices to cut car insurance rates
For the first time, a New Jersey auto insurance company wants to equip cars with high-tech devices that constantly track motorists' driving habits to determine how much they should pay.

Starting Aug. 8, Progressive Corp. will offer discounts to its 127,000 Garden State drivers if they install in their cars wireless devices that tell the insurer how many miles they drive, what time they're out on the road, and how often and how fast they accelerate and hit the brakes.

The pocket-sized sensors, with the wireless transmitting capability of cell phones, are plugged into onboard diagnostic ports in cars dating back to 1996 models. Each day, they signal to Progressive computers about miles driven, when drivers are on the road and how they brake or accelerate. see:
'North America Speed Enforcement' Plan; compare also: Boaters to be 'wired'

Bush calls for new highway tolls, more private funding of roads:The White House says more tolls and public-private partnerships can solve perhaps the biggest problem confronting the nation's aging infrastructure...
"Our federal approach to transportation is broken..."
Bush Signs New Rules For Spy Agencies -
The new order gives the national intelligence director, a position created in 2005, new authority over any intelligence information collected that pertains to more than one agency — an attempt to force greater information exchange among agencies traditionally reluctant to share their most prized intelligence. The order directs the attorney general to develop guidelines to allow agencies access to information held by other agencies. That could potentially include the sharing of sensitive information about Americans.

It was carried on in secret in the midst of pitched national debate about the appropriate balance between civil liberties and security, spurred by the president's warrantless wiretapping program.
see: 'domestic terrorists'?
Christian, Muslim Scholars Agree Reconciliation, Conflict Inevitable
"On Monday, Senator John Kerry had appropriately summed up the lesson of the conference: “We must love one another or die.”"
compare: King speaks at 'highest profile ever' World Interfaith (different conference..same agenda: global interfaith for global management..follow links, connect dots)
"Democratic Governor Deval Patrick signed a bill today repealing a 1913 law that barred couples from marrying in Massachusetts if their union would not be valid in their own states. The repeal now makes it legal for homosexuals from outside Massachusetts to marry in the Bay State."
""Normally when a law is passed it goes into effect in 90-days," he explains. "They put in a special emergency preamble to this law, which you can do, to have it go into effect immediately, and they did that yesterday after it was passed and before it went to the Governor," said Camenker." see: God-gave-them-up

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