'Anti-Terror Officials'...say what?

article: U.S. Headed for 'Heightened Alert' Stage

Anti-terror officials in the U.S. cite this summer and fall's lineup of two major political parties' conventions, November's general election and months of transition into a new presidential administration as cause for heightened awareness and action.

According to drafts of government memos described to ABC News, the period would run roughly from this August through July 2009.

During this time, homeland security analysts will be asked to redouble efforts to study terrorism leads. And a number of agencies will be asked to review emergency response plans to a variety of attacks, from improvised explosive devices ---(IEDs) to biological weapons

re: "anti-terror officials"

Apparently there is now another new breed of 'security officer' in the homeland. Not only are there now 'behavior detectors', but also "anti-terror officials" to fill the ranks of the ever-morphing homeland gestapo. Looks like more agency-consolidation and open martial-law training exercises all the way through July of next year as the result of what we are believe is the need for a "heightened alert" status. It's like a bad b-plot movie.
The NWO has clearly arrived...the one that the new kid on the block (Obamatron) is being sent on world tours to sell to the globe. (here) Rev. 18:4

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