CA First State - Again

Gov. Schwarzenegger signs law banning trans fats in restaurants

"California is a leader in promoting health and nutrition, and I am pleased to continue that tradition by being the first state in the nation to phase out trans fats," Schwarzenegger said. "Consuming trans fat is linked to coronary heart disease, and today we are taking a strong step toward creating a healthier future for California.""

"But the legislation was vigorously opposed by the California Restaurant Assn., which argued that it would not substantially affect public health because people eat most of their meals at home."
re: strong step toward
Big Brother strikes again in the desensitizing of the population to the ongoing transition to authoritarian control. Make no mistake about it, the self styled global elite have absolutely every intention of 'absolutely' micromanaging the lives of all their subjects/slaves. A healthy slave is a productive slave. Much more to come.

compare: california 'stepping'

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