'North America Speed Enforcement' Plan

article: Australian Company to Issue Arizona Speeding Tickets

Arizona to use 200 fixed and mobile speed camera units to raise $165 million in revenue.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety announced yesterday that it would pay an Australian company $28.75 for every ticket it is able to issue on state highways. By September 26, Melbourne-based ticket vendor Redflex will activate what will soon become the largest speed camera operation in the United States. Governor Janet Napolitano (D) commissioned the program to generate $165 million in revenue from the $165 citations. Redflex hopes this bottom line inspires other states to follow.

"We fully expect this program to provide a benchmark for the role speed enforcement will play in traffic safety in North America in the next decade," Redflex Traffic Systems CEO Karen Finley said in a statement to Australian investors.

"Redflex already operates two speed vans on behalf of state government, but the new contract expands the program to allow up to 200 automated ticketing machines. The company plans to blanket the state with 40 mobile speed vans, 10 mobile red light camera systems, 90 fixed speed cameras and 30 cameras capable of simultaneously issuing tickets in two directions."
re: provide a benchmark...for 'North America'

As always, noting carefully the language used will reveal more than meets the eye. The language used is no mistake...it's a clear message. Ten years to have the all-seeing 666 eye 'blanketing' the continent of 'North America' aka Canamerexico. 'Horus' the all seeing "speed enforcement" eye will be watching everyone, 'speeding' or not. The only difference being that the 'speeders' will be billed....not to mention foreign companies will be reaping the profits.

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