New Colorado Transgender Law Bans Bible?

for background see on: sb 200 colorado

Legislator: Law allows banishment of Bible: source
'This is written so anybody can take any part and grow it into monstrosity'

""Section 8 of Senate Bill 200 is a wide open door for any judge to censor anything that condemns homosexuality, including Scripture," Lundberg said at the news conference. Section 8 is headlined, "Publishing of discriminative matter forbidden.""

""I do believe that the Bible is banned, under the plain language of this new statute," said Steve Crampton, general counsel of Liberty Counsel."

"He said not only did Colorado lawmakers create an open-ended document, "any court could take it to whatever direction they wanted to take it, and they would have the authority of the statute to fall back onto.""

"The lawmaker said there is an exemption for churches, mosques and synagogues in Section 6 of the law, dealing with public accommodations. But that definition is only for Section 6 and doesn't apply to Section 8, restricting printed material, he said."

"There are two other important factors, he noted, including the law itself which includes not just civil, but criminal penalties of up to a year in jail, for violations. And the other is the fact the legislature included a "safety" clause in the law, specifying that the law is necessary for the safety of the state, which means voters cannot take the law and put it to a vote."
Banning the scripture quoters
No surprise here, it's inevitable actually. Banning free speech is the real goal, and this makes for a very convenient starting point. There is a group though that is planning to challenge Colorado's precedent setting SB 200, but the very big and real problem for the near-term future is that the 'trans-agenda-ites' have friends in high places (see below), e.g. the U.S. Congress, not to mention the international groups, clearing the way.
Unfortunately for all of them though, there is another that is far higher... One who..."sitteth in the heavens".
The ultimate goal of fallen man as he attempts to build his new 'Tower of Babel' will be to do away with God's Word and it's moral absolutes altogether, driven by a demonically inspired delusional dream of self-deification. 'Breaking their (the LORD's and his anointed's i.e. 'Christ's') bands asunder, and casting away their cords' is how the psalmist describes it, demonstrating the senseless pride and utter folly of mankind. It is laughable from heaven's vantage point, if we can fathom that.
Colorado is only the storm front on this one. The "kings of the earth have set themselves", and the rulers, taking counsel together (conspiracy), and are going full steam ahead with the entire rebellion. We are seeing it all develop.....stay tuned

see: U.S. Congress Pushing Transgender Change
also: intl. trans-agenda
Rev. 18:4
The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. Psalms 2:2-4

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