NOAA And USGS Merger Proposal

Merger of US earth sciences agencies proposed: article

"Creation of a new Earth Systems Science Agency is urged in this week's edition of the journal Science, by merging the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the U.S. Geological Survey."

"D. James Baker, NOAA administrator from 1993 to 2001, said the group felt the divided responsibilities among agencies made it harder to get things done."

"With a $4 billion budget and 12,000 employees, NOAA, a part of the Commerce Department, studies the atmosphere and oceans. USGS, part of the Interior Department, with a $1 billion budget and 8,500 workers, focuses on fresh water and the Earth, including such threats as volcanoes and earthquakes, and has a biological arm."

"And the combined agency would provide a strong group on behalf of science, he said, working in collaboration with the National Science Foundation, NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy and National Institutes of Health."
re: mergers, combined agencies
Unnoticed by the masses as usual, the various independent sectors of the government are continuing to be placed into the steadily developing monolithic system aka the 'new order'. Not to mention how tremendously important it will be to have a 'unified front' from the 'science guys' on the climate propaganda being used to transform the nation and the world into global governance. Can't have any conflicting stories now, can we?
The merging of the NOAA and the USGS bringing them under a single management will assure that we never hear anything other than the 'official story line'. You can be sure of it.

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