Dem's To Cage 'Free Speechers'

article: A Free Speech Graveyard at the Democratic National Convention

"Free speech zones have been employed by both Democrats and Republicans at past political conventions. This year, however, Democrats face the embarrassing possibility that they will be the only party actually caging dissenters. Protesters at the upcoming Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Denver in late August will be corralled into caged "free speech zones" made of chicken wire and chain link fences which are located more than two football fields from the delegates' entrance. Those who attempt to exercise their First Amendment rights outside this makeshift cage, which is partially obscured by trees and sculptures, will be arrested."
"Even the news media, once considered a vital stronghold for ensuring accountability in government, is also conspiring to keep protesters out of sight and earshot. Members of the media are urging Denver officials to move the designated protest zone away from where media tents will be situated, reportedly due to concerns that loud demonstrations could disrupt broadcasts or that reporters and photographers could be doused with tear gas or pepper spray if there are confrontations between police and protesters."
re: political charade in the midst of global transformation
Aside from the 'cost' involved for those who would attempt to exercise their 'free' speech in protest, the even sadder reality is that the vast majority of the population do not yet understand that it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever who might 'win' the scheduled upcoming election. All involved are reading from the same script, merely fulfilling the role prescribed for them, which is in continuing the illusion until the very last....
Believe it yet?

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