McDonald's Persecuting Christians

McDonald's: Christian boycotters 'hate' homosexuals: article

'"Those who oppose homosexuality for religious reasons are participating in "hate," according to an official for McDonald's, the worldwide purveyor of Big Macs and Happy Meals."

""Hatred has no place in our culture," corporate spokesman Bill Whitman told the Washington Post in response to a campaign by the American Family Association for a boycott of the burger-and-fries outlets because of the corporation's advocacy for the homosexual lifestyle."

""Throwing out any pretense of being neutral in the culture war, McDonald's has taken up the rhetoric of gay activists, suggesting those who oppose same-sex marriage (SSM) are motivated by hate," the AFA said in a new alert about its campaign today.""
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re: opposition equals hate

The handwriting's on the wall. The big boys are on board with the agenda...and looks like they want to play rough. Hate speech...and guilty until proven innocent is the strategy in the attempt to silence those who still hold to the inerrant Word of God and might resist bowing to the golden image of the "prince that shall come" (Dan. 9:26).
Looks like persecution from here....
Bow not.
Matt. 5:10 Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

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