Purging The Net

Internet Service Providers Move Against Child Pornography: article

Pro-family groups were encouraged this week with the news that AT&T and AOL would join a growing number of Internet service providers that are working to curb the proliferation of child pornography on the Internet.

The two companies, along with Verizon, Sprint and Time Warner Cable which made similar announcements last month, said that they would help eliminate access to Internet newsgroups where pornography is posted and purge servers of child porn Web sites.

Rich Schatz, president of the National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families, traced the recent development to the moral responsibility that institutions and people in society have.
re: moral responsibilities?

And if you believe that....

France, Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Canada and New Zealand recently implemented similar internet 'oversight' authorities to block not only child porn but other types of what the ISP's have deemed to be "offensive materials". AT&T and AOL have now jumped on the 'moral bandwagon' along with the other big name providers in what has apparently become a worldwide crusade...i.e. globalist control of the internet.

More bans coming, you can be sure. see: internetblacklisters


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